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The team at LENSELL constantly strives to make financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable for everyone. For this reason, our team has set out to find excellent podcasts related to finance and investment.

We know that financial terms can sometimes be a complicated and confusing subject, especially for people starting on their investment journey. Therefore, it is very important to have experts that you can listen to for advice and guidance.

In this article you will find a list of 10 podcast recommendations - in no particular order. Follow them for exciting discussions about personal finance, investing, and economic and financial news. We hope you'll find them interesting.


Our Podcast Recommendations 


1. Equity, ASA

This podcast is presented by Phil Muscatello, an incredible host and podcast producer. He has partnered with ASA (the Australian Shareholders' Association) to help you stay informed and build excellent financial knowledge through interviews with experts about investing in the share market and corporate governance. The podcast is also another means for reaching members and to publicise the great work of the Association to potential new members.

Check out the latest episode: NAOS Asset Management with Sebastian Evans. 

We recommend that you also listen to the episode "Laura Rusu-Diversiview", where you will learn from our CEO & Founder how to use technology to make better investment decisions with data-driven insights.


2. The Australian Investors Podcast 

The Australian Investors Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Owen Raszkiewicz, the founder of Rask Group. This podcast provides finance and investors insights, helping the investors to rethink and analyse strategies throw excellent interviews and case studies. 

We recommend the episode about "Investing in private companies", where they discuss topics such as the risks of investing in a private company, ESG factors when investing in private companies, and much more.

 Have you listened to one of to their episodes yet? 


3. Equity Mates 

This Podcast was founded by Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan in 2017, inspiring young Aussies on their investment journey, providing access to information and step by step what they need to start this experience.

It has some pretty exciting episodes including news, reviews, and expert interviews.

Check out  the most recent episode, " The Coffee crisis of 2022."


4. The Money Cafe  

A well-informed citizen with financial knowledge has advantages when moving into the world of Finance. Therefore this podcast will allow you to inform yourself through experts such as Alan Kohler and James Kirby in the latest news in finance and economics.

Nowadays, it is more and more common for companies to decide to accept cryptocurrencies in their payment methods and investors trust them more. For this reason, the episode "Special Crypto" caught our attention, in which we discussed how to start being an investor in the speculative world of cryptocurrencies.


5. Michael Yardney’s Podcast

Hosted by Property Expert Michael Yardney, this podcast provides formal financial advice to manage your personal finances properly.

If you're looking to sample an episode, try the "You can't control everything in life, but you can control your money." The special guest of this podcast was Angela Santalia. She aims to increase the financial education of Australians by educating and empowering people to take control of their finances. So, in this episode, she exposed her thoughts on how you can control your money and live the life you want. 



6. Wealth of Experience 

The Wealth of Experience is a biweekly podcast with Graham Hand and Peter Warnes, two great financial market experts who created the initiative to help understand financial markets through their experience.

This podcast has a strong Focus on financial markets, stocks, products, trends, and government policies. I recommend that you see the latest episode where Graham and Peter discuss on age pension assets test with Jacob Mitchell from Antipodes.

Check out their latest episode 


7. The Rules of investing 

This podcast from Livewire features ideas, analyses and strategies from hundreds of the country's most respected fund managers and investment professionals.

Recent episodes include "Quality and growth", in this episode, you will learn from Ben Clark how to invest in quality growth stocks, he also shares his views on the Afterpay / Square merger.


8. Your Wealth 

Gemma Dale hosts this incredible podcast which features a series of episodes designed to help you create, build, and grow your wealth.

Here's a great episode of "Your Wealth" to get you started: Will looming inflation end the bull market?


9. Shares for Beginners.

Shares for Beginners is an indie podcast that started 3 years ago. This Podcast is hosted by Philip Muscatello, who now has 6 finance related podcasts that have achieved over a million listens.

Citing from Phil, "he has no background in finance apart from investing poorly for many years". He started the podcast as a way of learning how to become a better investor, inviting listeners to learn alongside him. His motto is: "There is no such thing as a stupid question."

Phil treats his listeners as intelligent but new to investing with a light-hearted and conversational tone.

He has also partnered with the Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA) to produce the Equity ASA (see it at the beginning of the list). 

We recommend you the episode Common Investing Mistakes (and how to avoid them), in which an excellent panel of experts take you through their memorable mistakes and how they could have been avoided with more research and diligence.


10. QAV-Investing In Shares and QAV Podcast

With more than 30 years of investment experience, Cameron Reilly and Tony Kynaston will help you develop a millionaire mindset, providing valuable information such as how to find and buy good quality company stocks at a reasonable price.


Have these recommendations been helpful? Share this blog if you've found it helpful, and write to us at hello@diversiview.online if you have another recommendation. We look forward to hearing from you!


Disclaimer: LENSELL is a member of ASA. Other than that, we do not have any affiliation with the producers, experts or companies mentioned the article. No commission is received for any of the recommendations. 


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