Want to Know Who's Polluting Around You? We've Launched Polairis™!

In recent years, I have seen companies trying to paint their brand image ‘green’ – shifting towards more eco-friendly and sustainable paths to serve their consumers’ demands. Today, it has become crucial for companies to be transparent about their actions and its impact on the environment to sustain their respective industries' reputation. But are these brands really being transparent or just using another PR strategy to look noble? That’s the question many investors struggle with, when looking to invest sustainably. 

At LENSELL, we aim to provide financial and non-financial literacy to our users. Thus, we are delighted to announce the official launch of POLAIRIS™ to guide you through your sustainably-driven investment journey!

What is POLAIRIS™?

POLAIRIS™ is all about informing users about polluting facilities, pollutants, and their adverse effects on people’s health and the environment. A lot of work and effort went into creating a user-friendly yet powerful cloud-based application to provide the ease of access to users, who are looking to invest sustainably and worry about effects of pollution on their health and on the environment.

Search by address, suburb or company

Just a click away! Finding polluting facilities near you couldn't have been easier! Whether you're looking to know who is polluting around your home or around your child's new school, or whether you're checking out a suburb you want to buy in, the app gives the options to make your choice. 

Polairis identifying polluting facilities

POLAIRIS™ provides detailed data about over 4000+ polluting facilities all across Australia. It shows pollution for over 90+ toxic substances that are categorised alphabetically, and highlights the polluting agents in a particular area and how they might be detrimental to your health and the surrounding environment.

Toxins mentioned alphabetically

Get a detailed report 

Once the polluting facilities are identified, a detailed report can be purchased for $9.90 only! The report provides in-depth information about the toxins and the polluting facilities found in your area of interest. It can be used to gain more knowledge about the health & environmental effects of these toxins. The information in the report provided is based on the official statistics and annual reporting by the companies. Furthermore, this service will come in handy to make an informed decision when investing your capital sustainably.


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Check out your detailed POLAIRIS™ report here!


Finally, in this sustainability-conscious era, we are continually trying to reduce our carbon footprint and impact. POLAIRIS™ makes this entire process effortless and classified. We cannot wait to see how much of an impact this would make in your lives as well in the environment for the years to come! 

That’s all for this time!