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LENSELL Company Update – Jan 2022

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our first newsletter for this year! 

We had an eventful 2021, our LENSELL team worked passionately and diligently on various projects aimed towards making financial and non-financial corporate information accessible and affordable for everyone.

We also improved our innovative technological platforms based on your feedback, and we'll strive to continue to assist you in your investment journey! 

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Want to Know Who's Polluting Around You? We've Launched Polairis™!

In recent years, I have seen companies trying to paint their brand image ‘green’ – shifting towards more eco-friendly and sustainable paths to serve their consumers’ demands. Today, it has become crucial for companies to be transparent about their actions and its impact on the environment to sustain their respective industries' reputation. But are these brands really being transparent or just using another PR strategy to look noble? That’s the question many investors struggle with, when looking to invest sustainably. 

At LENSELL, we aim to provide financial and non-financial literacy to our users. Thus, we are delighted to announce the official launch of POLAIRIS™ to guide you through your sustainably-driven investment journey!

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