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LENSELL Company Update – Nov 2021

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our November newsletter! 

Our team is constantly striving towards making financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable to everyone. At LENSELL, we listen to your feedback and actively work on improving our applications, so that you can make better-informed decisions with confidence and ease. 

Many eventful things happened since the last update. Let's see what's brewing at LENSELL.

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Diversiview integrates with Sharesight!

We’re delighted to announce that Diversiview® by LENSELL now integrates with Sharesight, making it easier for the mutual users to analyse the deep diversification and the risk & return positions of their Sharesight portfolios directly in Diversiview, and take any further investment decisions with even more confidence.

At LENSELL®, we’re committed to providing investors with access to financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy, and very affordable – assisting them in making informed decisions throughout their investment journey.

Thus, we created Diversiview®, an easy-to-use AI-based portfolio planning and optimisation tool that helps investors assess the health, expected performance, and granular diversification of their preferred investments and plan tailored, diversified portfolios that are more resilient to market volatility.

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LENSELL Company Update – Sept 2021

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our September newsletter! 

At LENSELL we work to make corporate performance insights accessible and affordable to everyone – so all investors can make better-informed decisions with confidence.

Let’s catch you up on what we’ve been doing at LENSELL in the past couple of months!


1. We've launched a new Diversiview version

Diversiview is the #1 Portfolio Planner for active investors who want to optimise their portfolio performance. 

It is a cloud-based tool that uses deep, granular diversification to helps active investors design, validate and optimise asset allocation for investment portfolios to mitigate risks and increase stability of investment returns over time. 

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