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Top 5 Common Toxins Around You!

Who doesn’t wish to walk out of their door and breath CLEAN air in the middle of the city? I do! Today, all across the world air pollution poses a significant threat to human’s health. According to WHO, every year more than 2 Million premature deaths can be attributed to the effects of urban indoor and outdoor pollution.

Even in Australia, where the air quality is considered to be one of the ‘cleanest’ in the world. Due to its vulnerability to bushfires and dust storms, air pollution results in estimated of 4,880 premature deaths every year!

Undoubtably, the kind of air that surrounds you plays a huge role in yours and your loved ones life. There are numerous polluting facilities emitting a variety toxins in Australian air. Clean air is a basic right. Thus, you should always run ‘air quality’ check before buying a property or selecting a school for your kids.

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