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LENSELL EDUSeries: Episode 4 - Blue Chips

At LENSELL, our team strives to make financial literacy accessible to everyone so that you can make informed investment decisions and grow financially. In our last blog, we highlighted the question: Should you include Cryptocurrencies in your Portfolio?  This time, we will explore on the topic of Blue Chip!

Blue chip shares are investments in well-established companies that are leaders in their respective industries (usually mega-cap and large-cap stocks - that is, companies with a market capitalisation [1] of over $10 billions). Blue chip companies are generally considered to be financially stable, with a history of solid earnings.
If you looked around for advice before starting your investing journey, you must have heard things like “stick to the big names, they are stable and are not very risky” or “blue chip companies tend to be safer and less volatile than other stocks”. 

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