LENSELL Company Update – Jan 2022

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We had an eventful 2021, our LENSELL team worked passionately and diligently on various projects aimed towards making financial and non-financial corporate information accessible and affordable for everyone.

We also improved our innovative technological platforms based on your feedback, and we'll strive to continue to assist you in your investment journey! 

1. We've launched a New Feature in Diversiview - Efficient Frontier Positions! 

Diversiview is the #1 AI-based Portfolio Optimisation tool for active investors who want to boost their portfolio performance.

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Efficient Frontier Discovery !

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Why Efficient Frontier Discovery?

We already use AI algorithms in Diversiview and run millions of calculations to show you your Portfolio Universe® - that is, the thousands of risk & return positions corresponding to different % allocations for the set of investments in your portfolio. 

You are now able to discover those allocations that give you the maximum expected return for a given level of risk. It is a very powerful feature that is also extremely easy to use.


How to start?

Run a Diversiview analysis for a portfolio of your choice. At the bottom of the analysis options you will find more options to further optimise your portfolio. Select the 'Find Efficient Frontier positions' button and:

1. Move the selector to the level of risk you're comfortable with.

2. Check the maximum expected return for that level of risk (it is displayed underneath the risk selector)

3. Chose your weighting constraints (how much or how little you want to have in each security)

4. Run the new analysis and check the composition (asset allocation) on the new analysis page created.

It is as simple as that! - we turn a very complex problem into an easy to use tool for you, to find the risk & return portfolio position that works for you.


2. Check out our Top podcast recommendation.

We strive to make financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable to everyone. Therefore, our team has proposed to find excellent podcasts related to finance and investment and share them with our users.

If you are an experienced investor or financial professional, you will be able to stay on top of the news of trends in financial markets. If you've just embarked on your investment journey we recommend you to listen to these podcasts as an affordable and accessible means to start your 📚 learning experience.

The  🎙️Top 10 Podcast recommendations in this article have discussions about personal finance, investing, and economic and financial news.  | Find out more 👉 Our Top Podcast recommendations

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3. We continue to bet that financial education is accessible to everyone through our webinars.

Our LENSELL team is always looking to address important topics that will help investors on their investment journey.

We started this 2022 year with fresh knowledge on financial issues, for this reason in the month of January we ran a webinar on "Tailoring portfolio diversification with technology and AI optimisation"

In this webinar, we were joined by Jessica Goodall  (Sharesight CCO ) and Dr. Laura Rusu (CEO of LENSELL), where they covered topics such as some essential steps for a successful investor journey and the benefits of a diversified investment portfolio for match asset allocation to risk and return expectations.

One of the most important things any investor should know is how to diversify well.”  (Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates) 

The webinar recording will be available soon and we will make it available to you in our next correspondence. 

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4. Interested in Sustainable Investment? - Polairis 

Pandemic has driven the rise in socially responsible investing all across the world (Citywire, 2021). Thus, Sustainable Investing has been one of the emerging conversations in the financial sector. A lot of investors and shareholders want clarity about the industries and companies that they are investing in.

However, as sustainable investing is still considered a fairly new concept, one needs to do their research before investing sustainably. If you wish to embark on your sustainable investment journey this year, we recommend you to check out our favourite blog channels on everything about sustainable investing. | Find out more 👉 Interested in Sustainable Investing?

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5. 10 Easy Ways to be more Eco-friendly in 2022 - Polairis 

Being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. We understand that taking that first step towards being ‘eco-friendly’ can look pretty daunting. However, you can still make the switch by taking baby steps and implementing sustainable changes in different areas of your lives.

This 2022 make being eco-friendly your new resolution! Here are few of our handcrafted suggestions for you! | Learn more 👉 10 Ways to be more Eco-friendly in 2022!

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Our team constantly strives to make financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable for everyone. That's why at LENSELL, we actively work to help investors make better-informed decisions with confidence and ease.


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