LENSELL Company Update – Nov 2021

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Our team is constantly striving towards making financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable to everyone. At LENSELL, we listen to your feedback and actively work on improving our applications, so that you can make better-informed decisions with confidence and ease. 

Many eventful things happened since the last update. Let's see what's brewing at LENSELL.


1. We've launched a New Feature - Analyse with preferred returns! 

Diversiview is the #1 Portfolio Planner for active investors who want to optimise their portfolio performance. 

One of our most requested features, it's now easy to enter your own predicted return instead of the calculated values. Here's a quick overview of how you can use it:

  • Navigate to https://diversiview.online and run a portfolio analysis as usual.
  • The expected returns for each security, and the expected return for the portfolio overall will be calculated based the past 3 years of return results.
  • Go to the end of the analysis page (see the inset screenshot below) and click on "Analyse with preferred returns" button. 
  • Enter your own predicted return for each security instead of the calculated values.
  • Your analysis, including the Portfolio Universe visualisation (the blue dots risk/return positions diagram) will now be based on the return you entered.


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Why preferred returns?

First of all, we continue to listen to our users' requests; for this reason, we added this unique feature to Diversiview.

By default, the individual expected returns are calculated using the historical returns of that investment during the immediate past three years. However, many factors will affect the future performance of any investment, so experienced investors want to make their judgments about what that return will look like.

Analyse with preferred Returns for your securities!

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2. Diversiview now integrates with Sharesight 

Make more investment decisions with even more confidence!

We’re delighted to announce that Diversiview has integrated with Sharesight, making it easier for our mutual users to analyse the deep diversification and the risk & return positions of their Sharesight portfolios directly in Diversiview, and take any further investment decisions with even more confidence. 

Sharesight is a comprehensive online portfolio tracking tool that automatically tracks the performance of users' investments meaning investors spend less time on tedious portfolio admin (especially at tax time), leaving users with more time to make informed investment decisions.

Check out our special offers.

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Diversiview & Sharesight solve two complementary problems - Diversiview helps investors plan their portfolios and revalidate their position and diversification as markets change. At the same time, Sharesight makes it easy to track portfolios’ performance and report on various compliance aspects.

Serious Aussie investors can use it to plan, analyse, track and report on their investment portfolios with an integrated view and significant time saved.

Special offers 

To celebrate the integration, we have a special offers for our Diversiview users who are not yet subscribers. Get 35% off Expander or Elite monthly fee, for 12 months! Use code SHS2021 and subscribe before 31 December 2021.

Also, for the Diversiview users who are not already Sharesight users: you can get 4 months free when you subscribe to a premium Sharesight annual plan. Get the discount code from your Diversiview dashboard (offer available to subscribed users). 


3. We got featured in the News!

It always feels good when your work is recognized, which is why we are delighted to see the work LENSELL has featured in:

  •  ASA Equity Magazine with the article "The big Crypto Rush" by our Founder & CEO, Dr. Laura Rusu. The article discusses the importance of knowing one's portfolio risk & return position and how daily buy/sell transactions may change that, especially when cryptocurrencies or other very volatile investments are included.
Is very important that investors know the volatility of their portfolios, so they are not anxious about the normal daily price fluctuations

 – Laura Rusu

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“Australian businesses are forced to disclose their pollution and environmental impact, yet all that valuable information is spread across thousands of documents – no other app brings it together and makes it as easy to access and understand.”

 – EcoVoice.com.au

4. We continue sharing knowledge, ideas, and updates in Financial education.

At LENSELL, we always want to involve investors and those interested in financial education in our webinars to inform them and answer their questions.

In October we ran a webinar on 'Investment risk mitigation,' which attracted a large audience with many questions.

In this webinar, Dr. Laura Rusu explained why the traditional methods are no longer sufficient and provided practical examples of using deep diversification to find efficient portfolios through analysing several scenarios. She also explained the concepts of Minimum Risk Portfolio, Optimal Portfolio and Portfolio Universe, and explained why they are important for every serious investors to know.

If you could not attend this webinar, do not worry; new webinars will be scheduled in the new year in which you can participate; stay tuned to our social networks.

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5. Polairis goes live on Instagram 

Our Polairis team is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new Instagram channel. This move made a lot of sense to us as we wanted to connect with Polairis users via this interactive visual medium.

Our goal is to provide our followers an easier way to stay updated with environmental trends, knowledge, and regular Polairis brand updates, especially related to pollution, toxic substances and polluting businesses around Australia. If interested, 


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We've been working on exciting projects that provide our users exactly what they need:

  • A new feature in Diversiview - Analyse with Preferred returns,
  • Integration with Sharesight so that users can save time and analyse their portfolios with ease,
  • LENSELL in the news with two important articles,
  • Webinar session for those that want to learn 'How To Mitigate Investment Risk with Deep Diversification.',
  • Polairis live on Instagram to connect with users via this interactive medium.

At LENSELL, we're constantly innovating to improve transparency and information accessibility in the digital business world. Subscribe to our newsletters and stick around for future updates.

That's all for this time. Stay safe!