LENSELL Company Update – May 2021

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As we always say, LENSELL's aim is to make financial literacy accessible and affordable to everyone – so that YOU can make informed decisions. Thus, we're always working towards providing you with all the resources required to grow financially. Let’s catch you up on what’s brewing at LENSELL!

We're committed to financial education!

We're delighted to announce the launch of our educational series, 'LENSELL EDUSeries', where we update you monthly about everything finance. This month's topic is Granular Diversification. Hit Subscribe below to get notified when the article is online.

Moreover, we publish a weekly dose of financial terms and insights. Follow us on LinkedIn and check out our Vocab Series. 

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Research shows that only 3 in 10 investors' portfolios are diversified, and 40% of the investors don't know if their portfolios are diversified at all. Diversification is essential to reduce investment risk, and yet not many people are aware of it.

Thus, we have launched a FREE guide on how to diversify your portfolio in five simple steps. Get your copy today.

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We collaborate with Top Australian Universities

As scientists and academic ourselves, we value the collaborations between academia and industry. Every year, we run projects where students are immersed in real projects and exposed to real-life challenges. This year, we run two year-long projects: a Capstone project with The University of Melbourne and an Industry Project with La Trobe University:
  • The University of Melbourne project investigates the relationship between climate events and companies’ performance.
  • The La Trobe University project aims to enable investors to get fast and easy access to data from PDF financial statements and notes.
We can’t wait to share their results with you!
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More and more Australians invest in cryptocurrencies as a way to diversify their portfolios. Not many people know how risky each Cryptocurrency is and the impact of those investments on their overall portfolio risk.

We are adding cryptocurrencies to Diversiview portfolio analyses. Soon, Diversiview users will be able to add the top 10 most traded cryptocurrencies to their analyses, along with the ASX-listed securities, and see the overall performance, health and diversification of their mixed portfolio.

We will let you know when this exciting feature is launched!

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We’ve been working on exciting projects that provide our users exactly what they need:

  • Launch of EDUSeries, Vocab Series and Free Guide to give you quick access to everything finance,
  • Collaboration with Top Australian Universities for the ones who hold a passion for the mother earth and research, 
  • & Cryptocurrency for those that want to diversify their portfolios into digital currencies. 

At LENSELL, we’re constantly innovating for improving transparency and information accessibility in the digital business world. So, subscribe to our newsletters and stick around for future updates.

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