LENSELL Company Update – March 2022

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Our LENSELL team has been working with passion on different projects, to provide our users with easy access to financial information through advanced technology. We have also embarked on an incredible partnership thinking of those investors or beginners who want to start their investment journey with trading platforms and, as always, we will continue to support and hold events so that financial education is accessible to everyone.


1. We've launched Two New Features in Diversiview | 📢 -Weighting Constraints and Portfolio Volatility Alerts

Our priority is to listen to our customers and improve our users' experience on our platform.

For this reason we have released two great features, that are:  Weighting Constraints & Portfolio volatility alerts

To begin with, Weighting Constraints form a unique feature in Diversiview and on the market.  When calculating the Minimum Risk Portfolio, the Optimum Portfolio, or Efficient Frontier positions, you may get any allocation between 1% and 99%. 

That may result in a portfolio allocation that may not align with your preferences. For example, a security may receive 2% while you would prefer to have at least 5% in any given security, or the optimizer may assign 65% to an investment while you may want to avoid having more than 20% .

By specifying the Weighting Constraints at the start of the optimisation you can make sure that the portfolio allocation calculated by the algorithm is not generic optimal but optimised to suit your constraints.

Portfolio volatility alerts is another unique feature on the market. As the markets move up and down, your portfolio reacts and it may become more volatile and risky. That's fine if you're still within your risk tolerance range, but how do you know if you are?

Portfolio volatility can change over time due to a variety of factors. This may be because the volatility of individual securities in the portfolio may have changed due to a new economic environment, the allocation of money between securities (the weights) may have changed due to their recent purchases and sales, or the granular correlations between stock pairs may have changed over time.

Your portfolio is more volatile!-3

Every time something changes, your portfolio's volatility needs to be recalculated. That is a very complex task if you own more than just a few investments, and it's something not feasible to be done manually or in Excel.

Here is where technology helps. If you request to be notified, Diversiview will recalculate portfolio volatility every time when new sharemarket performance data becomes available, and notify you about relevant volatility increases. 


2. Participation as panelists during the event organized by the Data Science and AI Association of Australia

Promoting financial education is one of our pillars and values ​​as a company, to help investors improve their personal finances and take control of their financial future. That includes better planning and optimising your investment portfolio.

Our CEO, Dr Laura Rusu was invited to participate as a panelist in the Webinar organized by the Data Science and AI Association on "Investing with data: optimized decision making in a volatile market", alongside Jessica Goodall from our Partner, Sharesight and James Bailey from DSAI.

During this event, the panel discussed the importance of using data and technology for optimal decision-making in a volatile market.

Your portfolio is more volatile!-2


Click the video to start your replay.

If you want to keep up to date with everything from the Data Science and AI association, you can join their Discord group here. 




3. Diversiview by LENSELL  has partnered with Tiger Brokers.

We are delighted to announce that Diversiview by LENSELL has partnered with Tiger Brokers to provide investors with a low commission, easy-to-use, multi-product online trading platform.💙👐💛

Now our users and many more investors will be able to transact on this trading platform which entered the Australian Market with great offers! (click on the banner below to check out the latest offers)

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This partnership allows new Tiger Brokers clients to get one free Diversiview analysis when you open a new account with Tiger and deposit at least $3000 into your trading account. 

Contact Diversiview team on hello@diversiview.online after you open your Tiger account to claim the free portfolio analysis. Simply send a screenshot of your welcome email from Tiger Brokers and save $11 for a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio.


4. LENSELL celebrated the Internation Woman's Day

LENSELL celebrated the #InternationalWomen's Day on March 8 with a campaign on social media whetre we highlighted five amazing women who have been impacting and supporting many other women with their dedication and leadership.

We also run a competition that was draw on IWD 2022. 

👉 Read more about these great Australian women who inspire.


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5. We published an article on "8 Investment strategies that will help you reach your Financial Goals"

We know that it is crucial to have a strategy to help you stay on track and avoid mistakes when investing (as much as possible, of course). We have collected 8 strategies that will help you move towards those goals.

👉 Read more and let us know what you think



LENSELL helps investors make better decisions with better, faster and smarter data-driven insights.

We have more news coming up soon, so stay tuned for future updates.


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