LENSELL Company Update - February 2021

In 2021, I know every investor hopes for transparency and stability in their investment journey that they couldn't achieve during the unprecedented last year. At LENSELL, we aim to provide our users with a suite of innovative applications that make access to standardised financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy and very affordable – assisting users in making informed decisions. Let's catch you up on what we've been working on so far this year!

We launched the new and improved Diversiview V3.0

Why put all your eggs in one basket when you can diversify! According to the ASX report (2019), only 3 in 10 investors' portfolios are diversified. This is where Diversiview comes into play; it is a cloud-based tool that helps you visualize your portfolio's granular diversification to create a highly-diversified portfolio that will be more resilient to market volatility and increase the stability of portfolio returns over time. 

We’ve launched the Diversiview V3.0. What’s better, you ask?

  • More insights into the structure and diversification of your portfolio.
  • Receive the health and performance of your portfolio in comparison to overall market performance (expected risk and return, Alpha and Beta).
  • Run multiple portfolios and easily compare insights.
  • Free Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to understand your personal risk profile and how it matches with the portfolio risk profile. 

If interested, you can try it for free with five stocks here. 

Representing our passion for the environment, we launched the Polairis V1.0

Do you know who is polluting around you? Every year thousands of Australians die due to air pollution (EJA, 2020). At LENSELL, we hold strong environmental values; thus, after years of work, we've created this free cloud-based application that allows you to search and view polluting facilities all around Australia and learn more about over 93 toxic substances they emit. It is based on the company's own reports to the government.

Still wondering if it’s for you? Then you need to try this application, if

  • You care about your health and where you live and work.
  • You are worried about the environment and your footprint.
  • You aim to be sustainable investors and want to invest in, or deal with green businesses only.

If interested, you can start visualizing polluting facilities for free here.

Towards transparency with LEI Registration

For companies which seek to build or improve the trust and transparency in business transactions, Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is critical. Initiated by G20 and FSB after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, LEI is required and promoted by regulators worldwide 

This February, we partnered with LEI Register OÜ to enable you to make faster, reliable and affordable LEI registrations for Australian entities.

If interested, you can get your LEI registration here.

This year, we’ve been working on applications that provide our users exactly what they need:

  • Diversiview V3.0 for diversifying your assets and bringing that financial stability,
  • Polairis for the ones who hold passion for the mother earth,
  • & LEI registration assistance for those who strive for transparency in business transactions.

 At LENSELL, we’re always innovating for improving transparency and information accessibility in the digital business world. So, stick around for future updates.

That’s all for this time!