Free Sharesight portfolio tracker with each Diversiview subscription

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How do you track your investments? 

Many investors still use spreadsheets to track their investments manually.  That surely works for a few investments and a low number of transactions. For more active investors though, updating spreadsheets can quickly become a nightmare: updating prices, dividends, calculating taxes, running taxation reports, and so on. That's especially true during times of heightened volatility.

Moreover, those investors will find it more difficult to analyse and optimise their portfolios due to extra manual work, so they miss on the ability to improve the asset allocation of their portfolios and get better returns with lower risks.

By partnering with Sharesight, the award-winning portfolio tracking software, we can now offer each of our subscribers one free Sharesight portfolio for the entire duration of their Diversiview subscription so everyone can track their investments in a smart way.

It comes with unlimited holdings, advanced reporting and all the other features available to users at the Investor level in Sharesight.

How to get the free Sharesight portfolio tracker:

It's very easy to claim: simply login to your Diversiview dashboard, find the claim button and follow the steps.

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If you don't have a Sharesight account - an account will be created for you when you claim the free portfolio in Diversiview. No extra fee is payable.

If you have a Sharesight account - you will be able to see the new portfolio in your Sharesight dashboard. The extra portfolio does not count towards your Sharesight plan limit.


How to make the most of your free portfolio tracker:

  • Step 1 - in Sharesight you can add unlimited holdings (manually, upload from a file or connect with a broker);
  • Step 2 - in Diversiview you can import, analyse and optimise your portfolio's allocation for best returns; max 50 holdings can be analysed at once, depending on your plan.
  • Step 3 - in Sharesight you can track the progress of your investments, run taxation and other reports.

Repeat the steps as often as you need, and keep an eye on your investments' progress.

If you have any questions or if you run into any issues please contact the team at

Technology is here to help. Together, Diversiview and Sharesight help you save time and automate your investments tracking and optimisation.