Diversiview integrates with Sharesight!

We’re delighted to announce that Diversiview® by LENSELL now integrates with Sharesight, making it easier for the mutual users to analyse the deep diversification and the risk & return positions of their Sharesight portfolios directly in Diversiview, and take any further investment decisions with even more confidence.

At LENSELL®, we’re committed to providing investors with access to financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy, and very affordable – assisting them in making informed decisions throughout their investment journey.

Thus, we created Diversiview®, an easy-to-use AI-based portfolio planning and optimisation tool that helps investors assess the health, expected performance, and granular diversification of their preferred investments and plan tailored, diversified portfolios that are more resilient to market volatility.

What is Diversiview?

A large segment of Diversiview’s early adopters are avid Sharesight users, so it was a straightforward decision to make our users lives easier and connect their favourite portfolio planning tool (Diversiview) with their favourite reporting tool (Sharesight) using the Sharesight API. This way, users can save time and analyse their portfolios with ease.

Why did we choose to integrate with Sharesight?

Sharesight and Diversiview solve two complementary problems - Diversiview helps investors plan their portfolios and revalidate their position and diversification as markets change. At the same time, Sharesight makes it easy to track portfolios’ performance and report on various compliance aspects.

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Serious investors can use it to plan, analyse, track and report on their investment portfolios with an integrated view and significant time saved.

The integration was quick and easy using the Sharesight API, with the integration up and running in only a couple of weeks.

“Today, every investor hopes for stability in their investment journey, but creating a diversified portfolio manually would be very complicated. Technology and Data Science are here to help.”  – Dr Laura Rusu, Founder & CEO LENSELL

Diversiview’s goal is to make it easy for every investor to design tailored, risk-informed portfolios of investments so that they can plan their investment journey with confidence.

Special offers to Sharesight and Diversiview users!

To celebrate the integration, Diversiview and Sharesight have two special offers:

- Sharesight users who do not already have a Diversiview account can get 35% of the Diversiview Expander and Elite plans for 12 months (that is, more than $400 saving per year). Contact the team at: hello@diversiview.online to get the discount code.

- Diversiview users who are not already Sharesight users can get 4 months free when they subscribe to a premium Sharesight annual plan. Get the discount code from your Diversiview dashboard (offer available to subscribed users).


At LENSELL, we’re always striving and innovating for improving transparency and information accessibility for our Aussie investors in the digital business world. So, stick around for future updates.

That’s all for this time!