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10 ways to be more Eco-Friendly in 2022!

Being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. 

At LENSELL, our team is dedicated to providing you with financial and non-financial information. We understand that taking that first step towards being ‘eco-friendly’ can look pretty daunting. However, you can still make the switch by taking baby steps and implementing sustainable changes in different areas of your lives.

This 2022 make being eco-friendly your new resolution! Here are few of our handcrafted suggestions for you.

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Interested in Sustainable Investment?

Pandemic has driven the rise in socially responsible investing all across the world (Citywire, 2021). It is widely suggested by investment advisors that an investor should use several different strategies to build and diversify their portfolios to ensure financial success. However, as sustainable investing is still considered a fairly new concept, one needs to do their research before investing sustainably. 

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Top 5 Common Toxins Around You!

Who doesn’t wish to walk out of their door and breath CLEAN air in the middle of the city? I do! Today, all across the world air pollution poses a significant threat to human’s health. According to WHO, every year more than 2 Million premature deaths can be attributed to the effects of urban indoor and outdoor pollution.

Even in Australia, where the air quality is considered to be one of the ‘cleanest’ in the world. Due to its vulnerability to bushfires and dust storms, air pollution results in estimated of 4,880 premature deaths every year!

Undoubtably, the kind of air that surrounds you plays a huge role in yours and your loved ones life. There are numerous polluting facilities emitting a variety toxins in Australian air. Clean air is a basic right. Thus, you should always run ‘air quality’ check before buying a property or selecting a school for your kids.

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LENSELL Company Update – Sept 2021

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our September newsletter! 

At LENSELL we work to make corporate performance insights accessible and affordable to everyone – so all investors can make better-informed decisions with confidence.

Let’s catch you up on what we’ve been doing at LENSELL in the past couple of months!


1. We've launched a new Diversiview version

Diversiview is the #1 Portfolio Planner for active investors who want to optimise their portfolio performance. 

It is a cloud-based tool that uses deep, granular diversification to helps active investors design, validate and optimise asset allocation for investment portfolios to mitigate risks and increase stability of investment returns over time. 

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Interactive Session at ASA Investor Conference 2021

Diversiview by LENSELL® is delighted to host an Interactive Session at this year's Australian Shareholders' Association Investor Conference in Sydney on 31/05-1/06. The session "Your Portfolio and Deep Diversification" will be run by Dr Laura Rusu, Founder & CEO LENSELL® . It will be a highly interactive session so come prepared to ask questions, do an analysis, interact and experience the app live. 

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LENSELL Company Update – May 2021

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our May newsletter!

As we always say, LENSELL's aim is to make financial literacy accessible and affordable to everyone – so that YOU can make informed decisions. Thus, we're always working towards providing you with all the resources required to grow financially. Let’s catch you up on what’s brewing at LENSELL!

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LENSELL EDUSeries: Episode 1 - Diversification 101!

'IS INVESTING A SCIENCE OR ART?' - For many years, investors have debated this question.

We believe it is both - a balance of science and art. Investing is psychological (involving emotions, attitudes, habits and expectations), and at the same time, it is based on data, years of research and evidence. At LENSELL, we aim at the 'science' part by making financial literacy accessible to everyone so that you can make informed investment decisions and grow financially. Thus, we have launched our financial, educational series, 'LENSELL EDUSeries', where you can get monthly updates about everything finance. This month's topic is – Diversification 101!

According to the ASX report (2020), "only 3 in 10 investors' portfolios are diversified."

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Want to Know Who's Polluting Around You? We've Launched Polairis™!

In recent years, I have seen companies trying to paint their brand image ‘green’ – shifting towards more eco-friendly and sustainable paths to serve their consumers’ demands. Today, it has become crucial for companies to be transparent about their actions and its impact on the environment to sustain their respective industries' reputation. But are these brands really being transparent or just using another PR strategy to look noble? That’s the question many investors struggle with, when looking to invest sustainably. 

At LENSELL, we aim to provide financial and non-financial literacy to our users. Thus, we are delighted to announce the official launch of POLAIRIS™ to guide you through your sustainably-driven investment journey!

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IWD 2021: Women Changing the Finance World!

Traditionally and for historical reasons, women were less likely to invest and not seen as credible investors. Women still account for only 20% of the senior-level managers in the investment sector (Investopedia.com, 2020).

However, that has been changing for the better - the ASX Australian Investor Study (2020) showcases a promising demographic shift : today, Australian investors are “younger and more women than ever”. In 2020, women participation rose to 45% in the investment industry (Morningstar.com.au, 2020). A study done by the University of New South Wales Business School in 2017 revealed that ‘women make better investors’. The study also found that women spend more time researching investment options and are calm traders while facing the financial high seas (Nabtrade.com.au, 2020).

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