10 ways to be more Eco-Friendly in 2022!

Being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. 

At LENSELL, our team is dedicated to providing you with financial and non-financial information. We understand that taking that first step towards being ‘eco-friendly’ can look pretty daunting. However, you can still make the switch by taking baby steps and implementing sustainable changes in different areas of your lives.

This 2022 make being eco-friendly your new resolution! Here are few of our handcrafted suggestions for you.


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Recycle and Reuse

To Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse, is not a concept to just conserve the resources but to use them judicially so that you can reduce the pollution emissions. Reusing already present containers in your home is a good way to start.

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Turn off the lights when not in use

Limit the use of energy by turning off the lights when not in use, as it also contributes to air pollution, thus less consumption of electricity can save energy. You can also make the small switch to energy saving fluorescent lights and save the environment.


No to plastic bags

This one goes without saying – use of plastic products could be very harmful to the environment as they take a very long time to decompose, due to their material made up of oil. The use of paper bags instead is a better alternative as they decompose easily and are recyclable.


Choose Digital

Whenever, you get an opportunity choose to get a digital receipt at your grocery store purchases and save paper. While we are on the topic of ‘Digital’ people often forget about Digital Pollution. Digital Technologies represent 4% of the world’s total carbon emissions. It is a double edge sword where at one place switching to digital help businesses combat climate change at the same time it also poses as a threat to the environment. Remember you can be both Digital and ‘Green’ at the same time.

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Use Eco-Cleaning Products to Clean the House

Many cleaning products in the market contain ingredients that are harmful for the environment. In fact, a lot of chemicals used to clean our clothes, dishes, and house end up causing damage to our planet and its biodiversity. So, next time when you go to the store make sure that your cleaning products do not contain any synthetic ingredients or you can also try making them at your home there are many quick recipes online.


Use filters for chimneys

Always remember to use the filter! The gas that is emitted from fireplaces in homes and factories are extremely dangerous for air pollution and harms the air quality severely. The use of filters should be used at least if the consumption couldn’t be lessened, this will help you reduce the effect of harmful gases absorbing in the air.


Using public transports

Taking a bus to work is a sure short way to reduce your carbon footprint as it takes less gas and energy; you can also opt for carpool. This small switch to public transport is not only good for the environment, but is also good for your pocket.


Use of fans instead of Air Conditioner

Switching on your AC might help you relieve from that blazing heat but it also takes a lot of energy and in return emits more heat into the environment. Thus, at times you can alternate between fan and AC as it takes way less power and energy to work.

Avoid using of products with chemicals

As discussed, products that use the chemicals in their usage or smell strongly, like paints or perfumes should be used less or outside the house. You can opt the alternative to use products with low chemical content and organic properties.

Implement Afforestation

Last but not the least, plant and grow as many trees as possible. The practice of planting trees provides a lot of benefits to the environment and helps with the release of oxygen.

Be eco-friendly on your own pace; take your time, research your options, choose wiser alternatives and finally do your bit in saving the planet. 



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