LENSELL Company Update – Jan 2022

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our first newsletter for this year! 

We had an eventful 2021, our LENSELL team worked passionately and diligently on various projects aimed towards making financial and non-financial corporate information accessible and affordable for everyone.

We also improved our innovative technological platforms based on your feedback, and we'll strive to continue to assist you in your investment journey! 

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10 ways to be more Eco-Friendly in 2022!

Being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. 

At LENSELL, our team is dedicated to providing you with financial and non-financial information. We understand that taking that first step towards being ‘eco-friendly’ can look pretty daunting. However, you can still make the switch by taking baby steps and implementing sustainable changes in different areas of your lives.

This 2022 make being eco-friendly your new resolution! Here are few of our handcrafted suggestions for you.

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Interested in Sustainable Investment?

Pandemic has driven the rise in socially responsible investing all across the world (Citywire, 2021). It is widely suggested by investment advisors that an investor should use several different strategies to build and diversify their portfolios to ensure financial success. However, as sustainable investing is still considered a fairly new concept, one needs to do their research before investing sustainably. 

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LENSELL Company Update – Nov 2021

Dear valued subscriber,

Welcome to our November newsletter! 

Our team is constantly striving towards making financial and non-financial information accessible and affordable to everyone. At LENSELL, we listen to your feedback and actively work on improving our applications, so that you can make better-informed decisions with confidence and ease. 

Many eventful things happened since the last update. Let's see what's brewing at LENSELL.

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Diversiview integrates with Sharesight!

We’re delighted to announce that Diversiview® by LENSELL now integrates with Sharesight, making it easier for the mutual users to analyse the deep diversification and the risk & return positions of their Sharesight portfolios directly in Diversiview, and take any further investment decisions with even more confidence.

At LENSELL®, we’re committed to providing investors with access to financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy, and very affordable – assisting them in making informed decisions throughout their investment journey.

Thus, we created Diversiview®, an easy-to-use AI-based portfolio planning and optimisation tool that helps investors assess the health, expected performance, and granular diversification of their preferred investments and plan tailored, diversified portfolios that are more resilient to market volatility.

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